6D Financial Design CC

An Authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 9918

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We are here to assist you with your Financial needs

We are an Independent Financial Brokerage. Whether it is safeguarding your current assets, your retirement planning, creating wealth or just making sure that you can look after your family should you not be able to work. We are here for you. We will also sit down with you and make sure that your family will be taken care of at such time should anything unfortunate happen to you.

Short-Term Insurance

We are able to look after YOUR needs whether for short-term Personal or Commercial lines, by matching your needs to a specific insurer of your choice, affording you the best possible cover to suit YOUR needs.

Investments and Retirement Planning

Whether saving towards your Retirement, or wanting to put extra money away towards a deposit for a home, new car, or for your childrens education or perhaps big trip overseas, we are there to assist YOU in making the correct choices.

Your Financial Advisor

Gavin Alrick has been in financial services since 2007. He has owned 6D Financial Design CC from September 2011. He holds a BComm Degree with Economics and Finance as his majors. Since then he has also completed the Estate Agents course and exam. He believes that the basis of working with people is to build meaningful and long term relationships, by ensuring that business conducted is based on the principle, "in the client's best interest".